Today’s VM Regatta

The VM regatta was cut short before the minimum amount of races were completed because of a medical emergency. A poll was taken after the ambulance left to not continue the regatta. Unofficial results below: (Note that 1st place was determined by the last tiebreaker ( place in final race) before a coin toss!) Winds were fairly light and extremely fluky throughout the day.

Greg LaPlante wins EC12 regatta

Great weather including fair winds and ample sunshine greeted 8 sailors for the first regatta of the season. 7 EC-12’s and a US12 ( actually a mini12 from Canada) took to the water for 12 races. Cliff Martin’s boat never got in the water due to mechanical issues and Guy Washburn had to retire early due to mechanical issues also. Note that 182 AND 549 ( both Rick Gates’ boats) were skippered by multiple people. Results follow:

Herb Dreher Wins 2nd Annual V36 Open

Great fall weather with very light winds and long race times made for a 6 race regatta. Jim Linville, due to receiver problems, had to retire early, however the other 5 skippers continued through less than ideal conditions. Herb Dreher again takes first with Cliff Martin just behind. Chris O’Brien, sailing Cliff’s other boat, came in third, followed by Rick Laird ( fourth) and Rick Gates ( fifth). Due to Jim Linville’s radio problems, Jim rounded out the field in sixth.

Jim Linville (6), Cliff Martin (2), Herb Dreher (1), Rick Laird (4), Chris O’Brien (3)

Jim Linville (6), Cliff Martin (2), Herb Dreher (1), Rick Gates (5), Rick Laird (4)

(Took 2 pictures because someone had to take the picture!)