Herb wins twice again!

EC-12 R3 and R4 were held today with 3 skippers ( 4th boat scratched due to ripped sail). Herb again takes 1st for both 12 race regattas! Mark Fleckenstein came in second in both regattas with Rick Gates and Chris O’Brien rounding out the field sharing a boat after missing multiple races due to a sheet failure. Conditions were less than ideal with weed patches peppering the modified course. Winds, although rather light, were fairly steady but shifty. Wind shifts were a deciding factor in several heats, making for interesting spectating.

2nd Annual V36 Open postponed.

Algae clumps invaded the racecourse as the first race was started and got much worse from there. Combine this with high heat and humidity ( Real-Feel temp of 105°) and fickle breeze that dropped dramatically about 1/2 way through the first race caused the decision to postpone the regatta to a later, still to be determined, date. 6 skippers attended. High point of the day was Cliff Martin sailing his Riptide, which was started about 10 years ago, for the first time.

We Had Wind!

Estimating around 15 MPH wind ( with much higher gusts) aloft which translated into some strong gusts, severe swirls and many knockdowns and roundups on the course. Four skippers completed 2 full 12 heat regattas today, one (a makeup from earlier in the season) in the AM and the other after an hour break at noon. Congratulations to Herb Dreher for coming out on top in both regattas! Mark Fleckenstein came all the way from Skaneateles, NY to compete.

Morning action
Afternoon Action

Herb Wins Twice

Thanks to the 2 popup shades brought by Chris and Jerry as well as the iced water that Chris brought, conditions were tolerable. Also thanks to Rick for bringing his kayak to replace the mark dragged in by a fisherman. Due to the extreme heat, it was decided that both regattas would be 6 races. Herb took top honors in both and it was extremely tight for 2nd and 3rd in both regattas. Conditions were shifty, inconsistent light breezes with a few dead spots making for some tight situations.