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V36 Saturday July 1 at Noon

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Herb wins EC12 regatta

Nice, nearly constant wind from the East made for good sailing. Unfortunately heavy mist was present for most of the day. Cliff’s winch broke just before the start, keeping him on the beach for the afternoon. Dave sailed his newly acquired boat well- including a win in one of the races.

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Today’s VM Regatta

The VM regatta was cut short before the minimum amount of races were completed because of a medical emergency. A poll was taken after the ambulance left to not continue the regatta. Unofficial results below: (Note that 1st place was determined by the last tiebreaker ( place in final race) before a coin toss!) Winds…

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Welcome to the Nashua Model Yacht Club.

The Nashua Model Yacht Club was established in January 2015 through the efforts of Rick Gates to promote a site for sailing model yachts. The club works with the city, schools, clubs, and other programs to promote good sportsmanship through RC sailing. This sport is an old sport. The Nashua Model Yacht Club is trying to keep it active in this area of the country. Please join us.

Please notify Commodore Chris O’Brien by text or e-mail the DAY BEFORE the race. He will inform the other skippers on how many plan on showing up to race that day.

Most scheduled races will start around Noon except the Regattas. Regattas will start earlier  in the morning.  Please browse through the menu at the top of this page or click on a news article preview above to see the full article and photos.

Fair winds and following seas.


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