1. Every Wednesday from 1 pm to 3 pm is our practice day.
  2. Watch the schedule Saturdays for racing here @ Sandy Pond.

Please check our Facebook for fun sailing events on Sandy pond.

NMYC schedule.

Other clubs and places we race.

Minuteman Model Yacht Club Racing Schedule

Marblehead Model Yacht Club Racing Schedule

Back Bay Skippers Racing Schedule



Herb wins EC12 regatta. We were greeted with good, nearly constant, winds from the East. Unfortunately it was accompanied by heavy mist through most or the races. Cliff had winch problems, which kept him on the beach. Dave skippered his newly acquired EC12 for his first regatta.

Unofficial results due to only 5 races completed due to medical emergency


2nd Annual V36 Open (10/29/2022)

(V36 Regatta 4)

Old Man Of The Mountain Footy Regatta (10/1/2022)

VM Regatta (9/17/2022)

EC-12 Regatta 4 (9/3/2022)

EC-12 Regatta 3 (9/3/2022)

V36 Regatta 3 (7/9/2022)

V36 Regatta 2 (6/4/2022)

V36 Regatta 1 (5/21/2022)

DF95 Regatta 1 (5/14/22)

May 1, 2022 Footy Race

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