At Sandy Pond you may see many different classes of boats including
Dragon Flite 95 (DF95), Dragon Force 65 (DF65), EC12, Vintage Marblehead, Soling 1M,
ODOM, US12, US 1M, Footy, 10 Rater, V36, and more. The club also has a couple of special events for Schooners, Sloops and Electric Boats.

The club also has a small fleet of Snipe model sailboats to loan to groups who want to
enjoy sailing on Sandy Pond.

General pond rules summary

Avoid Contact: A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if possible. Not doing so will result in a penalty. Incidental contact is not grounds for a protest, however consequences from a mistake can be.  Do not squeeze in there if there is no room.

Touching Marks: Start, finish, and inside marks (marks closest to shore) are always hot and can not be touched. If either start/finish marks are touched you will need to sail around either end mark and restart/finish. If inside marks are touched you will be required to do a 360° without interfering with other boats before the next mark.  You may then return to racing. All other marks can be touched but must be rounded to the correct side.

Right of Way:

On opposite tacks: A port tack boat shall stay clear of a starboard tack boat (RSS #10)

On same tacks: Overlapped, A windward boat shall keep clear of a leeward boat. Not overlapped, A clear astern boat shall keep clear of a clear ahead boat.

Passing marks, giving room, and keeping clear: When boats on the same tack are over lapped at the 4-lenght zone, the outside boat shall give the inside boat room to round the mark in a seaman like manner (RSS #18). If there is reasonable doubt that an inside boat established an over lap in time, it shall be presumed that she did not and she shall thereafter keep clear. If there is any doubt, err on the side of keeping clear.

At the start: We will use a one-minute start clock. No dip starts which means that you must not cross the line from the course side after the clock starts. If over the line early, you must sail around either end mark before starting

Penalties: Infractions of the rules require a 360-degree turn before the next mark without interfering with other boats. There is no protest committee. Skippers must resolve protests on the water in a gentlemanly, sportsman-like manner.

Scoring: The A-fleet low point scoring system shall be used. “Did not finish” (DNF),  “Did not start” (DNS),and “Disqualified” (DSQ)  shall be scored fleet plus one (+1). There will be one throw out every 6 heats with 12 heats per series race day. Shortened day results will only count if 6 heats are completed.

Contact us

Let us know when you will be sailing and what boat you will be sailing, or contact us
with other questions or comments. If you would like to join the club or renew your membership,
download, fill in, and mail us the completed Membership and Renewal Form.

Sailing Venue

The NYMC Sailing Venue, Sandy Pond, is located near the following address:

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