At Sandy Pond you may see many different classes of boats including
Dragon Flite 95 (DF95), Dragon Force 65 (DF65), EC12, Vintage Marblehead, Soling 1M,
ODOM, US12, US 1M, Footy, 10 Rater, V36, and more. The club also has a couple of special events for Schooners, Sloops and Electric Boats.

The club also has a small fleet of Snipe model sailboats to loan to groups who want to
enjoy sailing on Sandy Pond.

Regatta rules for Sandy Pond

Skipper conduct:

If you do not remember this rule see first rule at the top of this section.
Any violators will be penalized as DSQ.
If attitude persist the skipper will be asked to leave the event and his/her score are not counted in the final results.

You may launch and retrieve your boat from the dock. If you get caught sailing a race from the dock you get a disqualification for that race.

Avoiding Collisions:
Give way to avoid collision with another boat,
Windward stays clear of leeward.
Boat astern keeps clear of boat ahead.
Tacking or jibing boat keeps clear of one that is not.
Inside boats with overlap at four boat lengths from the mark entitled to rounding room.

Course marks/starts:
Touching of far buoys are allowed. Touching close mark not allowed. Return and round mark correctly. No dip starts. You must round the end of the start line to officially start the race.
Over early, round one end of starting line to re-start.

Protests- reconciled on water – no formal protest committee.


360* penalty by offending boat before next mark, remaining clear of other boats.
Race holds / boat adjustments / duration:
One five minute hold for each skipper only for a one day regatta
Throw-outs will be governed by software setup before racing starts
minor adjustments allowed before one minute count down.
Boats ashore, aground or entangled can be freed by anyone.
Our goal is 3.5 hours maximum of racing given battery power. RD may use 15-minute break for battery changes and pit stops.
Scoring & awards:
AFLEET low-point scoring method used

Contact us

Let us know when you will be sailing and what boat you will be sailing, or contact us
with other questions or comments. If you would like to join the club or renew your membership,
download, fill in, and mail us the completed Membership and Renewal Form.

Sailing Venue

The NYMC Sailing Venue, Sandy Pond, is located near the following address:

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