Herb Dreher Wins 2nd Annual V36 Open

Great fall weather with very light winds and long race times made for a 6 race regatta. Jim Linville, due to receiver problems, had to retire early, however the other 5 skippers continued through less than ideal conditions. Herb Dreher again takes first with Cliff Martin just behind. Chris O’Brien, sailing Cliff’s other boat, cameContinue reading “Herb Dreher Wins 2nd Annual V36 Open”

2nd Annual V36 Open postponed.

Algae clumps invaded the racecourse as the first race was started and got much worse from there. Combine this with high heat and humidity ( Real-Feel temp of 105°) and fickle breeze that dropped dramatically about 1/2 way through the first race caused the decision to postpone the regatta to a later, still to beContinue reading “2nd Annual V36 Open postponed.”