May The 4th Be With You Results


On April 30th, The Nashua Model Yacht Club kicked off the start of their racing season by holding the first Footy race out of six that three other clubs participate in.

The weather was bright and sunny with gusty winds coming out of the NNW at 10 to 15 miles per hour. The temperature was cool ( 54 degrees) with colder gust coming from all different directions. We had 9 skippers show up to race a very challenging racecourse. Bill Hagerup wasn’t feeling up to racing so he opted not to race but enjoyed his time down at the pond. Jim Linville had boat problems and tried to race. The race results are posted on this site, and we will be adding more results as the season goes on.

I want to thank Chris O’Brien and Jerry Leach for scoring the event, the town for doing the clean up of the tree that was down, Steve for going around and picking up the papers and other bits of trash, and Dave for taking drone shots and pictures. I hope other people will come and enjoy the sport.


Rick Gates


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